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If you are a business owner or a professional and have been a victim to a known or anonymous internet wrongdoer, Attorney Jamie Casino and his legal team may be able to help. Attorney Jamie Casino has personally helped many individuals, businesses, professionals, including medical and legal, identify an anonymous internet defamer and rectify the harm which they have perpetrated on his clients’ reputations. Having been a victim of internet defamation against his law firm, Mr. Casino can relate to professionals and businesses whose reputation have been falsely and anonymously attacked.

Through his own efforts, Mr. Casino unveiled an anonymous defamer (which was never one of his clients) and brought him to justice. This anonymous defamer was forced to fork out $40,000.00 for three false reviews posted on Google, and inevitably the false reviews were removed. Mr. Casino is the first lawyer ever to obtain an anonymous defamer’s IP address from the well known and heavily relied upon travel review website, Trip Advisor.  Prior to this ground breaking endeavor, Trip Advisor ignored subpoenas from law firms across the county. He is also is the first lawyer ever to obtain IP addresses from other review websites including AVVO, a lawyer review website. Since the internet spans the globe, Mr. Casino has also successfully handled complex internet reputation cases involving international law and the Hague Convention.

The difference between our team and many reputation management companies is that Jamie Casino Injury Attorneys is an actual law firm and can use the legal system to help you effectively. Inevitably, there is a good chance a non-lawyer reputation company will need to rely on a law firm to get the job done. Furthermore, there have been a lot of scandals associated with non-lawyer online reputation management companies. Choosing us is safe as you will be dealing with licensed attorneys.

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