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DUI Accidents

DUI accidents are a horrible thing for families and individuals to have to deal with. However, CASINO LAW GROUP, LLC is greatly experienced in DUI cases, garnering headlines and TV news in Georgia. If you are a victim of the carelessness of a DUI driver, we will work hard to get you the settlement you deserve, which may include recovery for property damage, medical bills, lost wages and suffering. Our legal representation is essential in dealing with stubborn insurance companies and getting maximum return on your claim.


In 2008, over a staggering 1,400 fatalities happened on Georgia roadways, and a third of the fatalities were caused by alcohol-impaired drivers. Also, 50%-75% of DUI drivers whom license were suspended in that same year continued to drive in Georgia.

Recovering from a DUI injury can be a painful, grueling, and expensive process: medical bills, lost wages, and endless doctor appointments. Your loss can also negatively impact the people who love you most, your family. And, they may have a claim against the negligent, DUI driver as well.

Even if your injuries are not to a great extent, settlements and jury verdicts can be significantly larger than accident settlements not involving a DUI driver. If you have been hurt in an accident caused by a careless, senseless DUI driver, be sure to seek legal counsel. You will need to know your rights, what you’re entitled too, and how to best handle your claim with the insurance companies. You will most likely need professional assistance in dealing with the at fault DUI driver’s insurance company and attorney(s), and you will also want a team who is seasoned in DUI injury claims to assist you in getting your car fixed, getting the right medical treatment, documenting all the facts on your DUI claim, and negotiating your settlement.


Allow the Jamie Casino Injury Attorneys to negotiate with the insurance companies and their attorney(s) to get you a fair and appropriate settlement for the injuries and damages you and your family incurred by a DUI negligent driver.

The insurance company will almost always submit the lowest offer initially and sometimes that doesn’t even begin to cover your medical bills, lost wages, and the pain and suffering you and your family has endured by the actions of the DUI driver. It is important that the insurance company knows you are protected by legal counsel who will not accept this lowdown tactic of the insurance companies.


Beware of those entities wanting to eat your settlement away: doctor bills, liens, mechanics, loan companies, etc… Your settlement is not safe until all loose ends are tied up. The Jamie Casino Injury Attorneys will attempt to maximize your settlement as well as provide you with assistance in reducing your medical bills and other costs associated with your DUI accident claim. Lowering your bills may significantly increase the cash-money in your pocket from your DUI injury settlement. Do not allow outside forces to take what is rightfully yours in your DUI accident settlement.


DUI drivers who cause injury on roadways may be exposed to massive awards in addition to punitive damages, which can substantially increase your DUI injury settlement. The careless and selfish DUI driver can be held to a much higher level of responsibility with no caps on the amount you can cost them financially. In other words, “The sky is the limit,” can be the theme for DUI injury claims.


You may also have a claim against the bar, restaurant, or club that over served the drunk driver. They have a responsibility to avoid serving alcoholic beverages to customers who are visibly intoxicated. Bars, clubs, and restaurants are not legally permitted to serve or continue serving a patron who is visibly intoxicated.