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two angry motorists arguing over responsibility for a rear end accident

Who is at Fault in a Rear-End Collision in Georgia?

In Georgia, the driver who rear-ends another vehicle is typically at fault. This assumption stems from the expectation that drivers must maintain a safe distance

consumer holding a medicine box

How To Determine Liability In A Pharmaceutical Injury Claim

Medical malpractice law is a complex area that deals with all sorts of medical injuries, including pharmaceutical injury. Pharmaceutical injury cases arise when a pharmaceutical

accidents on the road

Accident Reconstruction & Personal Injury Claims

Accident reconstruction can be a vital part of a personal injury claim. But, many people don’t know exactly what it entails. In this blog post,

rollover accidents

Rollover Accidents In Georgia: Causes, Injuries, And Legal Options

Rollover accidents are among the most devastating and potentially life-threatening events on the road. In the state of Georgia, these accidents occur more frequently than

exploring punitive damages

Exploring Punitive Damages In Georgia Car Accident Claims

Car accidents can result in a range of legal and financial complexities, but one aspect of car accident claims that often remains less understood is

Shattered Windshield

Filing A Wrongful Death Claim After A Fatal Car Accident In Georgia

Losing a loved one in a car accident is a devastating experience, and navigating the legal aftermath can be overwhelming. In the state of Georgia,

Car collision

The Emotional Impact Of Car Accidents: Coping And Recovery

Car accidents are often sudden, traumatic events that can leave a lasting emotional impact on those involved. While physical injuries are readily apparent, the emotional

Drowsy Driver

Drowsy Driving Vs. Drunk Driving: Which Is More Dangerous?

When it comes to road safety, two factors stand out as significant contributors to accidents: drowsy driving and drunk driving. Both impair a driver’s ability

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It's time to drop the hammer

It’s Time To Drop The Hammer!

Insurance companies, big or small, are plain and simple stingy! We love nothing more than to vindicate an underdog who is being bullied or disregarded

JamieCasino 5 star rating

5 Star Rating

Injured in a car wreck? Get Jamie Casino on your side now! Jamie Casino runs one of the largest, most respected personal injury law firms

JamieCasino Change their ways

Change Their Ways

Insurance companies are most often motivated by Big, Wicked Greed. Your run of the mill Joe and Jane are hopeless underdogs when collecting what is

Jamie Casino - Hows your story end

How Does Your Story End?

If you’re injured in a car wreck, insurance companies will often try to settle cheaply and quickly. Just say no! Call Jamie Casino for a

Jamie Casino - Injured Proper Medical Care is Everything

Injured? Proper Medical Care Is Everything!

The better medical care you receive, the better your outcome usually is with a settlement or verdict. Injured in a wreck? Call Jamie Casino for

Jamie Casino - Road of Injustice

Road Of Injustice

Another tough ad by Jamie Casino. Jamie Casino has helped 1000s of individuals over the years. He has one of the largest personal injury practices



Wrestler Commercial

Auto Accident attorney Jamie Casino puts the smackdown on stingy insurance companies when they try to short change his injured clients. Call the Casino Law

Wild West Commercial - Jamie Casino

Wild West Commercial

Jamie Casino Injury Attorneys are skilled lawyers who fight to get you every dollar you deserve from the Stingy Insurance Companies. If you have been

Pre-superbowl Promo

Pre-superbowl Promo

Hurt in a car wreck? I pound on the stingy insurance companies. I’m attorney Jamie Casino, check out our two-minute Superbowl halftime commercial.

Super Bowl Commercials

jamiecasino hammer of justice

Be A Gamechanger

In this year’s installment to his Super Bowl commercial franchise, Jamie Casino addresses an epidemic which has plagued commercial breaks for years – predatory TV

jamiecasino hammer of justice

Standing Up To Bullies

Based on a true story and in typical Casino high-energy and stylistic fashion, the spot addresses the personal bullies Casino has encountered and how his

jamiecasino hammer of justice

Speak Up For Those Who Cannot Speak For Themselves

The spot features Jamie’s brother Michael who was gunned down with his friend on Labor Day 2012. The story reveals how Savannah’s Chief of Police,

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alex salzillo interview on vaping crisis

Attorney Alex Salzillo Interviewed By Wsav News 3 About Vaping Crisis

Jamie Casino - Part 1 of Effingham County Police Brutality Bullies

Effingham County Police Brutality – Bullies! (Part 1)

Allegations of Police Brutality in Effingham County. This case was eventually taken to trial by Attorney Jamie Casino and an Effingham County Jury in rural

Jamie Casino - Part 2 of Effingham County Police Brutality Bullies

Effingham County Police Brutality – Bullies! (Part 2)

This case was eventually taken to trial by Attorney Jamie Casino and an Effingham County Jury in rural Georgia rendered a verdict in favor of