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Losing a loved one to an accident is harrowing. It can make you feel paralyzed with grief. Just the thought of starting a wrongful death claim against the party that caused the untimely passing of your loved one can be overwhelming.

From all of us at Jamie Casino Injury Attorneys, we want to send our sincere condolences to you and your family during this difficult time. If you need help starting and managing a wrongful death claim in Augusta, then please know that we would be honored to do that for you. We can handle everything, including dealing with insurance companies, so you can healthily grieve.

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Georgia Wrongful Death Claims

In Georgia, a wrongful death claim is a legal course of action to demand compensation for the family of someone who passed away due to a preventable accident. Specifically, it seeks compensation related to how the untimely passing has financially impacted their loved ones.

In a wrongful death claim, damages available to the claimants can include:

  • Wages the deceased would have earned in their life had the injury or illness not happened.
  • Benefits the deceased would have provided, such as retirement benefits.
  • Day-to-day assistance provided around the home.
  • Loss of companionship to spouses and parentage to children.

What Is A Survival Action In Georgia?

Georgia also recognizes a survival action as potential legal recourse after someone loses their life in an accident. A survival action is different from a wrongful death case in that it seeks compensation related to financial losses suffered by the deceased’s estate and the harm suffered by the deceased before they passed away.

In a survival action, damages available can relate to:

  • Burial or funeral costs up to a “reasonable” cap
  • Medical costs for the deceased’s final care and treatments
  • Pain and suffering endured by the deceased in their final days.
  • Other miscellaneous losses to their property and estate.

Statutes Of Limitations For Wrongful Death Cases

Georgia’s wrongful death case statute of limitations is two years. It begins on the date of the deceased person’s death, not necessarily when they were fatally injured or diagnosed with a terminal illness. If the two-year statute of limitations ends, then any claim filed afterward will be dismissed by the court before it has a chance to progress.

Getting your wrongful death case and/or survival action moving sooner than later is important. We know that it can be painful to think about confronting the person or party that caused you to lose your loved one in a fatal accident, but you should already be thinking about doing so. If you wait too long to begin your case, then the statute of limitations could end. Time passes shockingly fast when grieving.

During Difficult Times, Call Our Attorneys

Our Augusta wrongful death lawyers are available to support you however we can. You can depend on us for professional legal representation that takes the stress out of every process in a wrongful death case. But you can also lean on us for moral support and genuine compassion. Money cannot undo what has happened, but financial stability can help you find a sense of closure and justice like your family deserves.

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